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Electrical Safety Video Gallery

Create a Stylish & Safe Home

Play it safe and “do it right the first time.” Whether you’re looking to renovate one room or your whole house, contractor and TV host Michael Holmes Jr. shares tips on how to update your space while keeping electrical safety top of mind. Get inspired by this bright and modern family home, as he points out how he ensured that electrical safety was part of the final design.


The Dangers of Low-Voltage Shock

Watch this video to learn more about the consequences of low-voltage shock and how you can avoid it. If you or a loved one receives a shock, seek medical attention immediately. 

#RespectThePower at Home

Powerlines are unforgiving and lethal. A simple chore of removing leaves from an eavestrough turns into a life-changing event. This video shows the true power of powerlines, and the devastating consequences of coming into contact with the.

#RespectThePower at Work

Watch the horrifying effects on several construction workers frozen in the moment that a dump truck touches an overhead powerline on the job site. See the true power of powerlines, and the devastating consequences of coming into contact with them.


Real Lives - Real Impact: Electrical Worker Safety

One day changes everything...Seriously injured from an arc flash, Richard Burgess knows first hand the immediate and long-lasting impact electrical injury can have on a family.


Cottage Electrical Safety Tips

Follow these tips for opening your cottage each spring in order to ensure your electrical system operates safely. 


Your Life is on the Line

Look up, look out and locate! The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) urges all Ontario residents to remember this simple phrase. Over the past decade, 19 Ontarians have died due to contact with live powerlines—and, sadly, most of those deaths could have been prevented.

Electrical Safety Hazards at Home

In this video, Steve Smith, General Manager for Central Region, Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) walks through a home and identifies common electrical safety issues and how to avoid them.

10 Shocking Facts

Learn how to spot potential electrical risks and how to avoid them to keep your family and home safe. Watch this video to learn more.


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