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Corporate Reports


The Electrical Safety Authority produces a number of corporate reports about its operations and the state of electrical safety in Ontario:  

Harm Reduction Strategy 2019-2020 business plan
Harm Reduction Strategy 2.0 is ESA’s strategic plan for 2015-2020. ESA’s annual Business Plans map the priority activities planned each year to achieve the goals of the strategic plan.
fiscal 2019 annual report 2018 safety report
ESA’s Annual Report reviews achievements and progress made towards the organization’s goals. The Ontario Electrical Safety Report has been issued annually since 2001 and reports on the rates of electrical safety incidents in the province.


Complexity Review



ESA is committed to finding innovative strategies to increase compliance in response to shifts in the regulatory climate. The Complexity Review provides advice on how to reduce complexity of compliance with regulation and the adoption of risk based approaches to inspection.



ESA has responded to the major recommendations outlined in the report the report tabled by Deloitte LLP Complexity Review of the Compliance Processes Related to the Ontario Electrical Safety Code and Contractor Licensing, with commentary where they do, or do not align with ESA’s direction.