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Aging Multi-Unit Residential Buildings

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When it comes to electricity, your safety is our business.

When a core system, such as electrical, in a multi-unit residential building fails, the result can be catastrophic. Tenants may be displaced from their homes and building owners can face immense repair costs.

To help tenants, property owners and property managers across Ontario better understand their rights and responsibilities, ESA has compiled important electrical safety information that will help make multi-unit residential buildings safer for everyone.


 Guide to Multi-residential Electrical Maintenance  Property Owner and Manager Fact Sheet

Tenant Fact Sheet

Guide to Multi-residential Electrical Maintenance

Regular maintenance and repair are critical in ensuring that buildings remain safe. This guide provides an overview to developing and executing a comprehensive electrical maintenance plan for property owners and managers.

Download Guide to Multi-residential Electrical Maintenance 

Property Owner and Manager Fact Sheet 

Property owners and managers have a responsibility to ensure their buildings are safe for tenants. This fact sheet includes tips to help stay on top of critical building maintenance and repair.

Download Property Owner and Manager Fact Sheet

Tenant Fact Sheet

Poor maintenance practices put tenants in danger. This fact sheet provides information that will help tenants understand what they should expect from property owners and what they should be thinking about to stay safe.

Download Tenant Fact Sheet