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Continuous Safety Services Program

Electrical fatalities and injuries in the workplace continue to be an issue. Business owners and operators have a responsibility to ensure a safe work environment – it starts with awareness, acceptance, and action.

The Continuous Safety Services Program offers customers a full range of customized services designed to help maximize electrical safety in their facilities, and supports business in Ontario in complying with the requirements of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code.

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Ontario’s Electrical Safety Code, Regulation 164/99 requires:

  • Inspection of all electrical installations (including maintenance)
  • Documentation all electrical work
  • Electrical products bear the mark of a recognized Certification Agency or Field Evaluation Agency
  • “Shock and Flash” protection for workers


More than 20,000 locations across Ontario have recognized the benefits associated with the Electrical Safety Authority’s Continuous Safety Services Program. Many of our customers are now arranging to participate in the Continuous Safety Services Program to demonstrate their safety due diligence.

We have experience working with diverse business and industry interests and regularly respond to unique and/or special needs our customers have. For further information on the CSS program or to apply to become a member of the program, please call 1-877-854-0079 or email CSS


Services offered by the CSS Program:

Facility Review

Periodic Inspections

Code Advice & Training

CSS Program Requirements & Benefits

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Facility Review

An ESA electrical inspector will conduct a visual inspection of your electrical system.


Periodic Inspections

The CSS program offers regular inspections of specific electrical maintenance activities. You will receive detailed inspection reports, which identify and prioritize electrical concerns (defects) that require customer action.


Code Advice & Training

  • As a member of the CSS program, you will receive information and guidance on electrical safety and Code issues from a dedicated electrical inspector backed by a team of technical experts.
  • Members also receive access to a number of general and technical electrical training workshops.  Training is specialized and customer specific in response to unique regulatory requirements.

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CSS Program Requirements & Benefits

Scope of Work

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions - Rev March 2019


On-Line Options

A user i.d. and password is required to view the CSS On-Line Logbook. Contact CSS for more information.

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Certain types of electrical wiring work are non-regulatory services offered by the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA). More information about these services...