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Home Buying, Selling & Renovating

Buying, selling or renovating a home can be stressful and a big investment. While it can be tempting to cut corners, when it comes to electrical work, there can be serious consequences if you don’t comply with the requirements of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code – including issues with insurance and resale, and most importantly safety.

Learn how to avoid costly or even deadly mistakes. And only hire a Licenced Electrical Contractor to do electrical installation, upgrades or repairs.

Home Buying, Selling & Renovating

Buying or Selling a Home

ESA provides important safety information and tips for realtors and homeowners who are planning to buy or sell a home.

Tips for Realtors

If you’re a realtor, ESA can help you provide the best possible protection for your clients with these important tips.

Renovating a Home

ESA gives you the power to renovate, decorate, and update your home safely — inside and out. Discover expert advice, safety tips and the latest trends. 

Health & Safety Concerns

ESA has special requirements for inspections in premises with health concerns, such as those that have been used as marijuana grow ops or are suspected of containing mould or asbestos.

Alternative Power

All generators, whether connected or stand-alone, have special safety requirements. Make sure you know what they are.

Do It Yourself

As a homeowner, you’re the only person other than a Licensed Electrical Contractor who is legally allowed to do electrical work in your home. Know the risks and get the facts.