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Safety & Security

When it comes to electricity, your safety at home and at work is our business. And we take it very seriously.

Whether in a storm, on a work site or around the house, the Electrical Safety Authority gives you the power to identify and avoid risks, to help keep you and those around you safe from electrical harm.

Safety & Security

Electrical Safety

Keeping yourself, your home and your family safe is your number one concern. We have lots of easy-to-follow tips to ensure you and your loved ones aren’t at risk of electrical injury.

Storm Safety

Severe storms are a reality in Ontario, and they can present serious electrical dangers. Make sure you’re prepared.

Powerline Safety

Powerline incidents can happen in an instant and can be deadly. Find out how to protect yourself and what to do in case of emergency both at home and on the job.

Product Safety

The Ontario Electrical Safety Code requires that all electrical products and devices meet approved standards of quality and safety. Know what to look for.

Power Outages

Whether from a storm or other issue, know what to do and how to stay safe during a power outage, and how to have power safely restored to your home.