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Quick Reference for Fire Services

A local fire safety tool was introduced to identify facilities within Ontario that have photovoltaic (solar) installations (PV). These installations could expose firefighters to electrically energized/“live” components. Even just identifying solar systems on roof-tops of houses or commercial/industrial buildings presents a challenge as they are not always visible from the street or at night.

More Information on the Fire Safety Tool (Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services)

Flash notices provide further information on electrical installation requirements. They are created to address incidents from electrical installations, dangers associated with some installation practices and proper use of some equipment.

Full List of Flash Notices

A ”Product Recall” is a request to return to the responsible party a batch or an entire production run of a product for disposition or rework in order to correct the safety issue.  Other corrective actions, such as a retrofit or repair are considered a “Recall”. The “Recall” may involve product removal from further sale or use, or other corrective actions as well as public notifications. 

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Recognized Certification Marks: Before an electrical product or piece of electrical equipment is used, sold, displayed or advertised for sale in Ontario, it must be approved by an accredited certification or evaluation agency.  The item must bear the official recognition mark or label from the agency which indicates that the product has been independently assessed for safety and meets the standard requirements for certification. 

See the Certification Marks

In 2013, the Ontario government amended Regulation 438/07, removing obligations for mandatory reporting to ESA. The amendment to the regulation ultimately eliminated ESA’s authority to order notification to the public and require corrective action respecting consumer electrical products. Visit Health Canada’s website for consumer product advisories and warnings.

Health Canada: Consumer Product Advisories and Warnings

Safety Alerts identify product issues including whether they are counterfeit or contain unauthorized certification markings.

View Safety Alerts

The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) provides guideline specifications for entertainment industry installations such as film shoot, events, and (PV) installations. 

All ESA Guidelines


When Should ESA be Contacted or Ordered to a Site by the Fire Department

  1. A Fire Marshal Order (FMO) application is to be used when there is evidence of imminent life or property hazards in the form of electrical fire or shock hazards. Examples: Exposed bare live wires (electrical) with open ends accessible to the public, service panel covers missing, live open exposed joints or terminations.
  2. A Fire Department Referral (Investigation Application) should be used when non- compliant non hazardous electrical code issues are identified and need to be addressed. Examples: Incomplete or non code compliant wiring methods, device covers missing, overloaded extension cords, cable supports, luminaire/receptacles not working or broken, GFCIs not present / working, and water damage.
  3. An ElecCheck (an inspection of your home's electrical wiring and/or devices) can also be issued by the Fire Department to the homeowner to comply. The ElecCheck then becomes the responsibility of the property owner to contact ESA, pay for the services, arrange for an inspection and correct any identified deficiencies. A certificate is issued which then can be presented to the Fire Department as proof of compliance.
  4. A Fire Department may at anytime report a possible electrical safety hazard by one of the contact methods below.

Call 1-877-372-7233


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