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Ontario Regulation 438/07 Updates

The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) is responsible for the administration of the Product Safety Regulation (O. Reg. 438/07), which came into effect in 2007. To offset the costs associated with this administration, ESA had introduced a manufacturer’s registration system, which was suspended due to changes that had occurred both provincially and nationally. 

Please take notice that electrical product manufacturers are no longer required to register with ESA. 

Changes have occurred throughout 2012 and 2013 that changed the administration of the program, the most important of which was the coming into force of similar product safety legislation at the federal level (i.e., the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act).  Given that this legislation overlaps in many ways with the provincial product safety requirements, it has been decided that ESA would defer the implementation of a provincial funding model to provide an opportunity for Ontario to align with the national product safety legislation. 

ESA remains committed to electrical product safety.  The Product Safety Regulation is still in place and continues to be implemented and electrical products offered for sale in Ontario continue to require approval (i.e., certification or field evaluation). 

Manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, importers, product distributors, certification bodies and/or field evaluation agencies continue to be required to submit serious electrical incident, accident or defect reports as set out in the Regulation and guidelines. ESA continues to work with those affected, as well as, with Health Canada and other provincial regulators to respond to reports received. 

If you would like to contact ESA directly for further information with respect to the changes in Ontario’s product safety regime, you may do so via email at